Real Christian Life is the evangelical ministry of Scott Curry. If you feel like your walk with God is empty and without purpose, then read and watch Scott Curry’s messages that will show you what it means to live the Real Christian Life. Through real life examples and powerful teachings, Scott Curry teaches Christians around the world what it means to live the Real Christian Life.

What is the Real Christian Life? It’s a life full of holiness and obedience to God that results in a powerful overflow of the Holy Spirit and an expansion of the Kingdom of God. God’s word, the Bible, is full of promises of hope, miracles, and power for the believer who sets their hearts on the things of the Spirit. Most Christians never see the amazing love and power of the Holy Spirit work in their lives because their hearts are focused on the things of the flesh (sin).

When you transform your mind, and focus on the things of the Spirit, God’s power shows up in a mighty way. You become effective for the Kingdom of God, God protects you from the evils of this world, and you are filled with life and peace! Scott’s vision is to reach as many people around the world for Christ, and to help them walk in the power of the living God.



Scott Curry is an International Christian Evangelist dedicated to sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with unbelievers around the world. Scott was called to international evangelism in the late 1990s through a vision he received from God. In the vision, God showed Scott preaching the good news of Jesus Christ to tens of thousands of Africans standing in a large open field during a crusade.

In 2019, Scott’s African ministry started with a request to travel to Uganda. Scott’s first trip to Uganda took place in January of 2023. During the two weeks Scott was in Uganda, God used Scott to miraculously heal over 300 people. In addition, over 200 people made the decision to make Jesus Christ their Lord and Savior. As a result of the work God did through Scott, a new church was planted, and revival spread throughout western Uganda.

The work God did through Scott Curry in Uganda was featured in Charisma Magazine, and word of the salvations and miracles God did have spread throughout Africa. Scott now has requests to visit Zimbabwe and Kenya, as well as to return to Uganda to hold mass crusades.

Scott Curry is a normal Christian. He’s not ordained, holds no titles, and has never attended a bible college. Scott simply said, “Yes!” to God when God called him. Scott encourages all Christians around the world to say, “Yes!” to God also through his encouraging messages and stories. Scott and his wife Stephanie reside in Colorado in the United States of America, and have been married for over a decade.

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