Uganda 2023 Trip Complete!

I am back from Uganda where I was blown away at the outpouring of God’s love. I saw over 200 salvations and over 300 healings in less than 2 weeks. Christians, Catholics, Anglicans, Muslims, and government officials were all healed in Jesus name.

I had the opportunity to visit 20 churches, some schools, and an orphanage.  While I was there, I bought land for one church, paid the annual rent for two churches, paid to have a 4th grade school building constructed, and provided food and school books to 45 children at an orphanage.  There are still a lot of needs for more land to be purchased for churches, and more church buildings to be constructed.  What’s amazing is that most of the church land that’s needed only costs around $3,000 for each church, and building construction is only around $5,000 for each church.  I am hoping to raise more funds for these churches over the next few weeks.  If you’d like to help out, you can donate using the GIVE button.  100% of what you donate will be send directly to the churches in Uganda (minus bank and FOREX fees, which I don’t have any control over).

I will be posting stories and testimonies in both written and video formats over the next few months.  Get ready to be blessed by the miracles and outpouring of God’s love that happened in Uganda in January of 2023!

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